Case Studies

TIVA is a powerfull AI platform that enables voice and text retrieval technologies. Delivering your data to any device. Allowing end users to access to data regardless of data source. Grow at your own pace by adding or expanding data access easily and securely. Do this with TIVA Data and TIVA Knowledge Base.


Preparing for a board meeting regarding enrollment trends by school

What is the total enrollment for my
district broken down into subgroups?

Having a principals meeting to discuss teacher shortages

Show me open teaching positions that have
been open for more than 30 days
Artificial Intelligence is progressing at an exponential pace. Our partnership with TIVA will allow EPIC Charter Schools to remain on the cutting edge of innovation by reducing the amount of time it takes our staff to get answers to their questions.
Bart Banfield

Epic Charter Schools

Student found in the hall
between classes and needs assistance

Show me Barry Anderson

Meeting with the superintendent to discuss
success around the PBIS initiative

Show me how many discipline instances for
the quarter and year-to-date
The whole reason we signed on was to save the top 10% of tasks/time that our secretaries use to make basic reports. Tiva allows us to ask the AI to create those reports for us in a fraction of the time the staff member would take.
Paul Zimmerman
Director of Technology,
Blaine County School District, Idaho

Meeting with a student
and need to prepare

Show me grades, absences, test scores,
and discipline instances for Mary Smith

Working on schedules

for the next school year

Show me students who have completed less than
50% of English graduation requirements.
School Staff

Working with the assistant principal to
provide guidance around absenteeism

I need to see all the students that have 2 or
more absences this week and include phone
number and email address

Have to call a student’s parents about
medical issue

Give me the contact information and
medical alerts for Barry Anderson

Pulling the list for birthday

Show me the students
that have birthdays this week

Tech Team

Want to see what the adoption rate is
looking like for our new software

How many users are on x platform?

Need to provide principal with
outstanding balances

Show me students with outstanding balances
for computer insurance
Sitting in training right now thinking how many hours of training TIVA will save on! I think this is the tip of the iceberg!
Ben Davidson
Application Support Specialist,
Berrien RESA, MI