Interactive Voice Assistant
Powered by AI
using only your data

Instant and secure access to your K-12 data by just asking

Now you can talk to your data

TIVA is a powerfull AI platform that enables voice and text retrieval technologies. Delivering your data to any device. Allowing end users to access to data regardless of data source. Grow at your own pace by adding or expanding data access easily and securely. Do this with TIVA Data and TIVA Knowledge Base.

Tiva Data
  • Saves time
  • Access to all organizational data
    simply by asking questions
  • Results delivered from your
    secure environment
  • Remove the roadblocks to
    accessing multiple data sources
TIVA Data allows school district employees to access all organizational data by simply asking questions. By using Artificial Intelligence TIVA will find the right answers in one or multiple databases used by the school district and securely deliver results to the intended users. Report writing and searching for the answers is replaced by a more efficient and time save interaction with voice or text commands.
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Knowledge base
  • Save hundreds of thousands
    of working hours per year
  • Saves additional time
    by answering support questions, including repetitive ones
Not all information is stored in structured databases. Organizational information is stored in files, web content, videos, and various content management plaforms.

TIVA Knowledge Base combines all of the organizational content into an interactive voice/text assistant that delivers answers to the questions with ease.

easy to Implement
We focus on your data, making it available
to you in 3 easy steps:

to Your Data
Connect any
& Training
Customized to your needs
Always there to help!
Key Features
  • Fast and easy Voice Assistant
  • Rapid and easy deployment
  • Can be connected to any data source
  • Accessible on any device
  • Secure
  • User specific data
  • Exporting to PDF, CSV or XLS
  • Graphs
  • Easy implementation
  • Expand data access to a wider school community
  • Saves time and increases efficiency
  • Voice activated data entry