Unlock the power of your data with TIVA

Revolutionary Integration with SIS and LMS

Take data analysis to the next level

TIVA is a groundbreaking cross-platform tool that allows you to leverage the full potential of your data. With its integration with SIS and LMS, TIVA provides secure and seamless access to your data, eliminating the need for tedious data navigation and report creation. By simply asking TIVA a question, whether it's about student schedules, attendance records, or test results, TIVA will search through multiple systems and present you with the answers you need. Say goodbye to wasting precious time and say hello to efficient data analysis with TIVA.

Simple access, ultimate security

TIVA offers a user-friendly experience by allowing you to interact with your data using your natural language. Just speak or type your questions, and TIVA will find the answers from your data. Rest assured that your data is protected with the highest level of security. TIVA can be seamlessly integrated with SIS and LMS systems, ensuring that users only see the data they are intended to see. No data is stored on the mobile devices that access TIVA, and all communication is encrypted, providing you with peace of mind.

Powerful visualizations at your fingertips

TIVA goes beyond just providing answers. With its powerful Business Intelligence engine, it can aggregate, compute, and build graphs, allowing you to visualize your data in meaningful ways. Whether you need to track important KPIs or present data in an easily understandable format, TIVA has got you covered. Unlock the potential of your data and gain valuable insights with TIVA's comprehensive visualization capabilities.

Ready to experience the power of TIVA? Book a demo today and see how our platform empowers you to understand and manage your data better. Join the ranks of successful districts, benefit from our years of technology experience, and become one of our happy education users. Let TIVA revolutionize your data analysis process and take your institution to the next level.

November 10, 2023