Like no other company, we understand the importance of your time when it comes to developing solutions for our clients. Having a product or solution developed more rapidly delivers quicker results, greater cost savings and higher customer satisfaction. Our innovative approach allows us to rapidly deploy essential resources to accelerate development of educational and business solutions for our clients. We operate multiple technology teams that are ready to engage in your technology projects at any stage. Whether you have detailed specifications or just high-level business requirements, we can help to quickly bring your project to a successful completion.


We use a blend of experienced, PreK12 development resources to provide you with highest value and an outstanding solution. Quality is an essential part of our work process. It starts with a thorough understanding of customer needs and continues throughout the entire project span. At MindShine we focus only on educational technology and our expert team has many years of experience working with public school districts in the United States. Our experience helps facilitates effective communication with your team and easily translates your vision into technical specifications to develop a solution that meets or exceeds your expectations.


With the right IT resources when you needed them consider how far you will go! Fluctuating business demands generate a need for variable resources. Acquiring and maintaining sufficient resources to support growing demands can be an expensive and challenging endeavor. Organizations often struggle composing the appropriate resource pool, either inadequate to meet seasonal demand or excessive for off-peak season. Our services allow our clients to have the resources they need when they need them. We operate multiple technical teams that can blend with your existing IT group for the duration of the project or can provide a full-cycle turn key development, implementation and post implementation support.


Growing demand within the IT sector has made software development and technology projects very expensive reducing return on investment and limiting available contingency. On-demand use of technology resources is an effective strategy that helps overcome resource and cost constraints. A combination of on-site and off-site resources generates an effective strategy that restrains the project cost while maintaining control over the development process.


Key Benefits

After over a decade working with hundreds of customers, we discovered that each PreK-12 customer is unique and there is no single approach that will work for every situation. At Mindshine we work with you to establish a relationship that fits the individual needs of your organization, maximizing the value of the services we deliver. The following plans and combinations of services were designed to help you use outsourced development to achieve your individual organization’s needs:

Turn Key Solutions

Leverage our vast expertise building software products and custom solutions for educators. This offering allows you to spend less time building the technology and more time keeping focus on education. Our team is completely proficient at delivering the full cycle of product development from requirements gathering, design, prototyping, coding, integration, implementation, QA and testing, documentation, training to post implementation support.

Flexible Sourcing

Your technology resource needs may vary over time and during the cycles of your business. This situation makes it difficult to build internal resources that are not idle at some point but are sufficient during the peak development times. Flexible Sourcing allows our customers to overcome these difficulties. With this plan you buy a pool of development hours and use resources that you need when you need them. Eliminate personnel worries about firing and hiring people. Eliminate the need to retrain staff to handle new technologies.

Joint Application Development

If you need an extra pair of hands with your project MindShine can help. This plan allows your in-house experts to work side by side with our team to achieve greater efficiency at less expense. Our team can work with you on-site or off-site to develop various components or perform assorted tasks augmenting your application development team.


With over 150 software professionals and over a decade in business we can make sure that your project requirements come to fruition in a most cost effective and efficient manner.

Whether you have a shortage in resources or would like to outsource routine tasks to better focus on core development, we can help.





Our engineering teams include experts in a wide range of modern development systems.

Client Side Coding

Server Side Coding

Database Technology

Web Frameworks